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Proposal for a session in which you play a game, or in which you play around as a group with one or more technologies, or in which you do something fun or original.

Intellectual Property and the Public Domain


Navigating intellectual property and copyright law is challenging, especially in the digital age. During this interactive session we will play a fun game of ‘Can I use this?’ Our game will help players understand content that can and cannot be used on digital platforms because of copyright regulations. We will engage in discourse about content bots and uploading copyrighted materials. We will also share resources and information about works already in the public domain, accessing Creative Commons, and understanding fair use. Our session will be a dynamic overview of intellectual property and how it plays a role in our digital lives.

Mapmaking for Dummies

In this ‘play’ session, we will share and discuss various user-friendly digital tools for mapmaking and representing geographic features in the classroom. My contribution will focus on NatGeo MapMaker Interactive and the Palmer Drought Severity Index, but participants are encouraged to bring their own favorite (or less favorite) tools into play. This session complements GIS workshops by highlighting less technical options for mapmaking. If you consider yourself a relative newbie to mapmaking or if you’re interested in learning about tools ideal for non-specialists, including students, we hope you will join us.