What will be discussed at the Colorado 2018 ThatCAMP?

One of the questions we’ve been seeing commonly is what exactly will be discussed at this year’s Colorado ThatCAMP? The topics discussed at the 2018 Colorado ThatCAMP can be a broad range of discussions or teaching sessions based upon proposals by participants before November 3rd. These topics can range from broad concepts: “How to apply spatial analysis theories in the digital humanities,” to more focused tool demonstrations: “Using StoryMaps for repeat photography and photo collection.” Possible topics and tools to discuss could include mapping tools, introductions to various coding languages, digital tools for school teachers, archival and collection tools, social network analysis, database management, text encoding and much more! If there’s something you are interested in learning more about then feel free to post it as a proposal. Making a proposal doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to lead it as a teaching session, it can simply be a suggestion to get a broader discussion going with other attendees!

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  1. I’d love to see a session on Fair Use and copyright. Since we’ll likely have some students in the audience, I’d appreciate hearing about issues that people run into when they use sources in the digital humanities. This could answer practical questions like: When do you need to get permission to use an image or source? What is Fair Use and when does it apply? Since we will likely have students in the audience, this could be a good way to introduce some of the potential pitfalls of DH and how to use digital sources responsibly.

  2. As a computer science major I would like to learn how I can apply my field to things like archaeology since studying the past has always been a passion of mine. I would like to find out what problems archaeologists,historians, or even museum staff encounter and then talk about what technology needs to be used or created to solve these issues.

  3. I am hoping that we can include a focus on the critical use of technologies in the classroom. This is an issue that I am interested in exploring and in learning more about. Students often need help in understanding how and and why there needs to be limits on technology use in the classroom, as well as understanding how technology can open up new avenues in the humanities.

    There was an interesting article related to this subject in Sunday’s New York Times, which I am linking below:


    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Dan